Sales Integration

Finally! A solution that makes life easier for sales agents and helps them keep up with technology and manage their clients’ ever-evolving expectations. Yooma Life Insurance’s innovative sales integration allows insurers to obtain and capture client information and offer individualised offerings to cater for their client’s changing needs.

How Yooma Life Insurance’s Sales Integration Works:

With our sales integration, an applicant’s risk profile is validated to ensure they are eligible for insurance. Risk criteria like age, income and occupation fall under this category which helps to positively shape their score so you can understand it within the categorisation of the applications.

A critical component of our sales integration is predictive underwriting, a rule-based underwriting method that issues policies directly to customers based on multiple parameters. A pre-approved sum assured (PASA) for specific customer segments allows them to buy insurance covers without the hassle. Clients can view brochures and then apply online before being contacted.

The Benefits of Yooma Life Insurance’s Sales Integration:

Yooma Life Insurance’s sales integration aims to support insurance sales agents and cater to their needs. 

  • Stress-Free Processes. Obtain and capture client details, assessment (client and/vs products), and capture final policy and associated details (such as payments and beneficiaries).

  • Easy Purchase Option. Our sales integration functionality allows customers to view product “brochures” and options online before buying – all at the click of a button.

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