Clientèle Self-Service Portal

Clientèle self-service portals ensure that your clients always have the support they need, no matter the time or location. Yooma Life Insurance integrates with your company website and portals in a seamless manner via well documented API’s.

How Yooma Life Insurance’s Clientèle Self-Service Portal Works:

Our clientèle self-service portal allows your customers to log in to the system to view or request their tax documents, policy, and personal details or update their logins and contact details. 

All of this is enabled by APIs and the strictest security measures. It’s also possible for customers to initial and process a claim, and they can perform these tasks from the comfort of an app on their mobile phones. 

The Benefits of Yooma Life Insurance’s Clientèle Self-Service Portal

The idea behind our clientèle self-service portals is to provide a better experience for you and your customers by making processes easy to navigate and information easily accessible. Additional benefits include:    

  • Personalised. Our clientèle self-service portal provides a personalised customer experience and enriched engagement channels for acquiring new customers.

  • Convenient. Customers can log in at any time to view their policy information, manage beneficiaries, update contact details, view tax documents and update their payment methods. They can also enjoy the clientèle self-service portal via a mobile app or the website.  

  • Fast Claim Approval. This allows you to provide your customers with information about each stage of their claim approval process with progress bars and real-time notifications. This benefit of the clientèle self-service portal eliminates the uncertainty that customers may experience throughout the claim approval process.

Explore Our Clientèle Self-Service Portal for Yourself