Leave Management

Leave management is the process of managing leave and time-off requests through a series of business-specific guidelines, rules and policies. These time-off requests include vacation time, public holidays, sick leave, family emergencies and parental leave. 

Standard leave management involves four main activities:

  • Manipulating staffing requirements to retain business functioning
  • Enforcing legal compliance
  • Verifying adherence to business policies
  • Maintaining general employee satisfaction

The Importance of Implementing a Leave Management System

Implementing a leave management system remains of vital importance to employee retention and operational productivity for several reasons:

  • Record-Keeping: With a record of accumulated employee leave, it is easier to implement and enforce leave policies. Paid leave qualifies as an employee benefit, and employees have a right to know their leave balance and view it in real-time. The other advantage of record-keeping is that it helps during full and final settlement for employee retrenchment or resignation.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Identifying employee leave and attendance trends is nearly impossible without leave management software. A leave management system can fully display all data and trends surrounding employee leave and provide valuable analytics. Converting this data into actionable insights can support corrective or preventive measures if necessary.
  • Prevent Revenue Leaks: Without any track record, employers can often fall victim to paying for absences and incomplete work hours; these discrepancies can also cause conflict between employees and the employer, negatively impacting the business image.
  • Statutory Compliance: Employers must maintain a record of all paid leave granted to employees to remain statutory compliant with HR laws and policies.

Yooma HR's Leave Management Feature

Yooma HR offers a comprehensive leave management feature that fulfils all the typical leave management activities and allows employees to submit their leave requests for managers to approve, control and monitor seamlessly and efficiently. 

Leave types and rules are easily configurable to follow your company’s policies to ensure fairness and flexibility. Our leave management feature enables the set-up of unique departmental, company, location and country-specific leave types and associated rules. Yooma HR’s leave management feature is adaptable, meaning managers can set up unlimited leave types. 

Current and future leave balances are easy to check for both managers and employees. Leave can be applied online, making the process more straightforward to track. Once an application is received, managers can approve or decline leave applications accordingly. 

Leave can effortlessly be imported into your calendar, and updates can be received via email workflow or Yooma HR’s dashboard. Furthermore, holidays can be added to the system and linked to leave types, affecting how leave behaves when requested. These will display automatically in the calendar as well. In essence, the workflow and communication engine ensures that Yooma HR adheres to your leave approval process while informing employees, managers, and HR. 

Benefits of Yooma HR's Leave Management Feature

Yooma HR’s leave management feature not only provides enhanced functionality but also offers a range of benefits to end-users: 

  • Streamlined employee attendance and payroll processes
  • Boosted employee satisfaction and retention rates
  • Bolstered consistency and enforcement of leave policies
  • Reinforced compliance with employment laws
  • Reduced error count in employee attendance 
  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity

Some of the most significant benefits of Yooma HR for you as a manager include the following: 

  • Our leave analytics monitors your company’s leave liability in real-time.
  • Sick leave trend reports can highlight problem areas, dramatically reduce unscheduled leave, and identify leave abuse.
  • An audit trail records exactly how balances are calculated to prevent any disputes.


Added benefits for both you and your staff: 

Yooma HR allows employees to upload sick notes using their phone cameras when required, update their profiles, view upcoming birthdays and complete surveys. Managers can send surveys to selected groups or to the entire company to keep the team informed, engaged and involved. 

With Yooma HR’s mobile app, applications and leave approval within your business are a seamless experience. This rules-based engine allows you and your employees to navigate the leave process in a paperless, easy-to-track and stress-free manner.

Yooma HR leave management saves you time and money and will make your life easier. Look no further than Yooma HR. Our leave management system streamlines the leave process, making it simple and hassle-free. Plus, our leave management system is available free of charge for 45 days so that you can try it out with no risk. So why wait? Start your free trial today!

Start your 45-day free trial for leave management with Yooma HR today.

The Core Hub


Allow an employee to submit leave
requests and for managers to approve,
control and monitor. Our leave
management feature also enables the
setup of unique departmental, company,
location and country-specific leave types
and associated rules to be applied.


Uploading and downloading of documents
assigned to an employee per security
profile created. Customised groupings and
categories such as qualifications, contract
agreements, etc., with set security levels,
enable our clients to protect and access all
relevant documentation.


With reporting made accessible, we offer unlimited easy to use reports available. Our reporting feature is customisable, userfriendly and easy to export with a touch of a button, giving your company more time to focus on other business areas.

Staff Management

Store, maintain and manage various
required important information of each
employee, such as personal credentials,
employment history, contact details,
reporting lines, organisation structures.
Change logs on request, ensure the
credibility of information captured and


Recognise your employees’ needs and
commit to implementing them. By
leveraging team engagement practices
with Yooma HR, companies can
significantly improve operations and build
an empowered and productive workforce.

Staff Payment Management

Save time by easy administration of all
types of expense claims or requisitions
relating to or arising out of employee
pocket expenses with well-defined
approval controls and real-time

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