Reporting is a critical yet overwhelming function for any insurance provider as you have to deal with huge amounts of data from claims processes, customer interactions, and agent sales. Luckily for you and your customers, Yooma Life Insurance’s reporting simplifies the process.

How Yooma Life Insurance’s Reporting Works:

Reporting with Yooma Life Insurance comes in two parts. 

  • Part 1 offers you clear dashboards, and generates standard and ad hoc reporting when you require it. These reports can then be distributed to the relevant groups.

  • Part II of Yooma Life Insurance’s reporting gives you data support. It generates standard and ad hoc views for your convenience and extracts data – from reports – for further analysis, so you don’t simply view the data; you can gain insights from it and make better business decisions.

    Another feature of Part II of Yooma Life Insurance’s reporting is that it integrates with market systems on Big Data, artificial intelligence, and more, so you can get the most out of the data.

The Benefits of Yooma Life Insurance’s Reporting:

Yooma Life Insurance’s reporting feature makes data easily available for a quick analysis, and we go beyond that to help you tap into that data and extract insights that will accelerate your business’s growth.

  • Immediate Results. Our search engines focus on client, product (for example, a policy) metadata and free text search to allow your client open access to their data. This also improves the client’s experience and service. 

  • Streamlines Reporting. At Yooma Life Insurance, we provide detailed operational reports, which can be generated on a scheduled or ad hoc basis and distributed daily, weekly or monthly to the relevant groups. 

  • Improves Decision-Making. Our end-to-end data and analytics service provider effectively manages the data management process to enable swift decision intelligence. You can view high-level trends, drill down, and enjoy a visual view of the data you need for reporting and to inform your day-to-day decision-making. 

Experience Yooma Life Insurance’s Reporting for Yourself