Staff Management

Staff management is a series of strategies and processes organisations and their HR managers use to successfully recruit, retain, and manage employees. It applies to contract staff, who are hired for a specific task for a particular time, and direct hires, who are full-time staff on the company’s payroll.    

Staff management activities include the following: 

  • Attracting, selecting, and onboarding staff. Effective employee management starts with the recruitment process. Strategically attracting, selecting, and onboarding staff sets the tone for how they will experience their time at your company. So it’s essential to get it right!


  • Off-boarding procedures. If an employee exits your company, a specific process must be implemented and followed.


  • Retaining employees involves implementing retainment practices that encourage employees to remain at your company. It can include anything from introducing them to their colleagues to building a positive company culture.


  • Employee appraisal. Staff management encompasses employees’ appraisal processes and any necessary promotions.


  • Training. Employees will likely require training and development during their time with your company. 

The Importance of a Staff Management System

Staff management is essential. How companies can guarantee the efficiency of their people, staff well-being, and a positive work environment will lead to improved work performance. Without effective staff management, people and profits will suffer. 

A staff management system is invaluable in making staff management easy and effective for everyone.

The benefits of implementing a staff management system include the following:

  • Aligns staff actions with company goals.
  • Leads to greater productivity.
  • Builds trust.
  • Retains employees.
  • Optimises work performance.
  • Improves communication.
  • Enhances decision-making with reliable data.
  • Contributes to a fantastic experience for management and employees. 

Yooma HR's Staff Management Feature

Yooma HR has created a beautifully simple staff management solution to simplify the lives of HR managers, CEOs, and employees everywhere. With our staff management feature, human resource (HR) managers can store, maintain, and manage critical information of each employee. This includes their credentials, employment history, contract details, reporting lines, and organisation structures. Dashboards make this information easy to access and view at a glance. 

HR managers can also view system logs to identify any changes made to the system, avoiding discrepancies and maintaining a tight level of security. 

Benefits of Yooma HR's Staff Management Feature

With Yooma HR’s staff management feature, managers can boost their employees’ productivity and offer support at the company.

Additional benefits of Yooma HR’s staff management feature include: 

  • Easy access to staff information and documentation.
  • Security settings per employee type.
  • Efficiency.
  • Scalability.
  • Convenience for managers and employees.
  • Limitless storage.
  • 360 view of all staff. 

Yooma HR makes staff management painless. HR managers and CEOS can say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets, chaotic onboarding processes, toxic workplaces, and unsupervised employees taking advantage of the company. Instead, Yooma HR offers a staff management system that supports the company’s people and builds a profitable workplace.  

Could you use our staff feature to simplify your life?

Start your 45-day free trial for staff management with Yooma HR.

The Core Hub


Allow an employee to submit leave
requests and for managers to approve,
control and monitor. Our leave
management feature also enables the
setup of unique departmental, company,
location and country-specific leave types
and associated rules to be applied.


Uploading and downloading of documents
assigned to an employee per security
profile created. Customised groupings and
categories such as qualifications, contract
agreements, etc., with set security levels,
enable our clients to protect and access all
relevant documentation.


With reporting made accessible, we offer unlimited easy to use reports available. Our reporting feature is customisable, userfriendly and easy to export with a touch of a button, giving your company more time to focus on other business areas.

Staff Management

Store, maintain and manage various
required important information of each
employee, such as personal credentials,
employment history, contact details,
reporting lines, organisation structures.
Change logs on request, ensure the
credibility of information captured and


Recognise your employees’ needs and
commit to implementing them. By
leveraging team engagement practices
with Yooma HR, companies can
significantly improve operations and build
an empowered and productive workforce.

Staff Payment Management

Save time by easy administration of all
types of expense claims or requisitions
relating to or arising out of employee
pocket expenses with well-defined
approval controls and real-time

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