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Our Passion

The honour and thrill to have the opportunity to provide solutions and services that enhance companies’ existence and people’s lives.

Our Ethos

Yooma drives transparency, scalability, and simplicity in design. We embrace open-source technology solutions in the corporate environment, thus enabling our clients with flexibility and agility on ever-changing processes, sharing control & open-access to their data as well as ongoing integration both internal and external.

Our History

Yooma was developed long before it was formally established as part of a Group of Companies. Our founding developer, Hans Lombard, discovered his sense of purpose many years ago. His main objective is to continue transforming client thoughts and needs into technical solutions that enhance people’s lives.

Hans started his longstanding history of finding the solution to unique business pains and started coding for companies at the early age of twelve as a hobby that later turned into his business direction. With that, Yooma was born and creates systems and services that answer specific problems for clients and ultimately enable solution processes via particular niche applications.

Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Solutions

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud solutions aim to sustain typical challenges most businesses share.

We aim to support and help drive your business excellence through best-in-class operational ability, hosted securely in the Cloud, platform-agnostic and on-demand.

Extended services corporates might require an approach with the same agility as our specialised bespoke solutions, enabling you to scale and control your uniqueness.

We consult to understand and partner in providing your employees, users and your customers an enhanced experience.

Cyber Security & Compliance

In a world where security and non-compliance are real risks to any business, we consort with technology departments to find a non-compromised set-up with minimum inconvenience to users.

Custom Systems through Open-Source Tech

We have allowed blue-chip companies to use open-source technology to turn their business challenges, ideas, and requirements into practical and targeted solutions.

‍Providing our clients with a competitive advantage by radically reducing upfront capital requirements for software development and ensuring costs are associated directly with income-generating activities.

Flexible & Configurable

We recognise that each business has unique client opportunities which an “off-the-shelf” and ‘software as a service’ cannot always solve cost-effectively or as accurately as required.‍

What sets us apart from any other competitor is that we enable you free access to all your data in a compliant way and empower you to configure your basic pages, forms, reports, and workflow to meet your business goals.

Mobile Accessibility

With workforce mobility growing in popularity, our seamless integration & bespoke programming allow us to create a mobile-first imitation of our systems. You will soon have access to mobile on-demand accessibility through Cloud hosting or platform-agnostic and be accessible via desktop.