Document Management

Document management is the system or process of managing business information from various sources, whether paper or electronic. The document management process usually includes converting paper documents into an electronic format through data capturing and streamlining it into a single location where you can store, track, monitor, control and evaluate all relevant information and documentation. Effective document management can save time and money and provides centralised storage, document security, audit trails, access control and streamlined search and retrieval.

Standard document management involves several main activities:

  • System Customisation
  • Document Capture and Input
  • Document Indexing and Classification
  • Document Security
  • Document Search
  • Document Processing
  • Workflow Automation
  • User Dashboard Functionality

The Importance of Implementing a Document Management System

An efficient document management system is critical to streamlining the efficiency of any business operation. Implementing a document management system can promote the digitisation and electronic formatting of business documents and play a pivotal role in increasing the speed, efficiency and overall ease of facilitating the management of all business documents. Implementing a document management system remains vital to ensure a company’s operational efficiency for several reasons:

Save on Resources:

Despite technological advances, many dated document management systems retain the use of paperwork. These systems often require physical document transfers from one employee to the next, which can become a mundane and time-consuming process that wastes energy and reduces overall productivity.

Implementing a document management system enforces the digitisation of all business documentation and will significantly boost productivity. This system can save the time, effort and resources required to deal with paperwork, streamlining the document management process.

Prevent the Loss of Critical Documents:

Working with paperwork will inevitably result in the misplacement or loss of documents due to human error; this can lead to wasting time, money and labour effort spent on hunting down or recreating lost documents of great importance.

Implementing a document management system promotes using electronic document storage, providing easy document access. Even in file deletion, some document retrieval methods remain a possibility.

Mitigate Security Threats:

Many business documents contain sensitive information and trade secrets that require protection; however, manual document management systems that use paperwork offer little to no security and remain susceptible to theft. A document management system can mitigate many cyber security threats because electronic document management systems provide much greater security and protection methods. While cyber threats remain a concern, many countermeasures are available when implementing an electronic document management system to ensure the complete safety of all business documentation and critical information.

Reduce Editing Challenges:

Paperwork requires continuous reprints whenever documents need edits or amendments, and this is a severe waste of time and business resources and causes damage to the environment. The paperwork also remains susceptible to multiple versions of the same document, which can create confusion among employees regarding the final version. 

Implementing a document management system allows for unlimited edits and amendments and remains paperless due to electronic storage capacity. Electronic document management systems also allow for tracking changes to any document and access to document version history, reducing the chances of confusion among employees.

Eliminate Accessibility Challenges:

Document management systems that rely on paperwork also cause accessibility issues, primarily when signing off on important documents. Suppose employees cannot physically sign off on the paperwork due to being on leave or out of the office. In that case, this can hinder the entire team and result in a considerable decrease in productivity. Implementing an electronic document management system allows for universal access, provided there is stable internet connectivity.

Yooma HR's Document Management Feature

Yooma HR offers a comprehensive document management feature that fulfils all the typical document management activities and includes customised groupings and categories such as qualifications, contract agreements and more. All these categories come with tiered security levels that provide increased protection and easy access to relevant documentation. 

Yooma HR’s software also allows the uploading and downloading documents assigned to an employee per security profile created to provide an extra layer of security.

Benefits of Yooma HR's Document Management Feature

Some of the Yooma HR’s document management feature functionality allows end-users to:

  • Store employee documentation applications
  • Monitor and restrict access to company documentation, policies and guidelines
  • Upload any required documentation

Some of the most significant benefits of Yooma HR for you as a business owner include the following: 

  • Boosted business collaboration
  • Easier document retrieval
  • Enhanced document security
  • Greater regulatory compliance
  • Improved backup and disaster recovery
  • Increased operational productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced storage space

Yooma HR‘s document management feature can save you time and money and make your life easier. The system streamlines document management using advanced software to ensure the process is simple and hassle-free. 

And that is not all; our document management system is available free of charge for 45 days so that you can test it out with no risk. So why delay the efficiency of your operation? 

Begin your 45-day free trial for document management with Yooma HR today.

The Core Hub


Allow an employee to submit leave
requests and for managers to approve,
control and monitor. Our leave
management feature also enables the
setup of unique departmental, company,
location and country-specific leave types
and associated rules to be applied.


Uploading and downloading of documents
assigned to an employee per security
profile created. Customised groupings and
categories such as qualifications, contract
agreements, etc., with set security levels,
enable our clients to protect and access all
relevant documentation.


With reporting made accessible, we offer unlimited easy to use reports available. Our reporting feature is customisable, userfriendly and easy to export with a touch of a button, giving your company more time to focus on other business areas.

Staff Management

Store, maintain and manage various
required important information of each
employee, such as personal credentials,
employment history, contact details,
reporting lines, organisation structures.
Change logs on request, ensure the
credibility of information captured and


Recognise your employees’ needs and
commit to implementing them. By
leveraging team engagement practices
with Yooma HR, companies can
significantly improve operations and build
an empowered and productive workforce.

Staff Payment Management

Save time by easy administration of all
types of expense claims or requisitions
relating to or arising out of employee
pocket expenses with well-defined
approval controls and real-time

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