In today’s heavily regulated industry, where more and more customers choose to buy insurance directly, exceptional customer care can give you an edge over your competitors and drive loyalty with your existing clients while appealing to new prospects.

How Yooma Life Insurance’s Customer Care Works:

Yooma Life Insurance supports your customer care team to focus on what they do best: keeping customers happy and building brand loyalty. We know customer care can make or break a business, no matter what call centre you use.

The Benefits of Yooma Life Insurance’s Customer Care:

We understand how crucial it is that customers can access via multiple channels, that you can service clients via various channels (for example, social media), and that your customer care team receive information updates to and from the core system to be able to assist customers successfully, and that you have quick access to the Core Admin Policy system.

The benefits of our customer care functionality include: 

  • Accessible. We provide your customer care team with quick and easy digital access to our system and deliver information updates to and from the core system – logging and approving any changes. 

  • Ease of Communication. This is crucial to maintaining positive brand sentiment; customers should be able to communicate with you through multiple channels such as WhatsApp, mobile apps, social media, websites, and self-service portals to access the information they need. 

Experience Yooma Life Insurance’s Customer Care for Yourself