Premium Payroll Services

Introducing Yooma’s Premium Payroll Services – your one-stop answer to sophisticated, seamless, and stress-free payroll management. 

Our Payroll Services come with an arsenal of advanced features designed to simplify and enrich your payroll process.

What You Get with Our Premium Payroll Services?

  • Reporting and Analytics. Leverage our powerful analytics tools to identify trends and gain insights into your payroll data.

  • Accounting Integration. Sync your payroll data with your accounting system and its records for a seamless financial workflow.

  • Tree Breakdown View. Demystify your payroll with an itemised breakdown of all income, deductions, and tax calculations on each payslip.

  • Employee Benefits Administration. Simplify the management of common employee benefits like medical aid and pension contributions.

  • SARS eFiling Integration. Submit tax returns and other compliance documents to the South African Revenue Service (SARS)

  • Overtime Calculations. Apply your own company-specific rules for overtime payments.

  • Specialised Reports. Create your own custom reports with your logo and brand colours. You can also utilise consolidated payroll and HR reports and country-specific compliance reports. 

  • Mockup-Payslip Facility. Test different payroll scenarios before committing.

  • Unlimited Interim Payslip Runs. Execute mid-month payroll changes without a hitch.

  • Retro Calculations. Make back-dated changes with ease and precision.

How Premium Payroll Services Allow You to Comply with South Africa Statutory Requirements

Our Premium Payroll Services enable you to efficiently manage South Africa’s key statutory deductions, including the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Skills Development Levy (SDL), and Pay-As-You=Earn (PAYE). With our system, you can generate annual IRP5/IT3(a) tax certificates for SARS and consistently file monthly UIF returns to align with the Department of Labour standards. 

Businesses hiring young, novice workers will find value in our Employee Tax Incentive (ETI) calculation features. As the tax year concludes, you can also tackle tasks like the EMP501 report creation without a hitch. Plus, enjoy the convenience of seamless integration with SARS eFiling for smooth digital tax submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Premium Payroll Services

Can I integrate the payroll data with my existing accounting software?

Yes. Our services allow for smooth integration with your accounting system to ensure a consistent financial workflow.

How does the Tree Breakdown View work?

The Tree Breakdown View provides an itemised look at all income, deductions, and tax calculations on each payslip, making it easier to understand and audit.

Can I handle mid-month payroll changes with your system?

Yes, with our Unlimited Interim Payslip Runs feature, you can make mid-month adjustments seamlessly.

How secure is Yooma's Premium Payroll System?

Security is a top priority for us. The system is protected with two-factor authentication and data encryption, and we conduct regular data backups.

How do Premium Payroll Services help with compliance?

We ensure you're always updated and aligned with the latest tax laws and employment standards in South Africa, simplifying tasks like tax submissions and statutory deductions.

What kind of payment options does Yooma offer for disbursing salaries?

We offer multiple payment methods, including direct integrations with banks and other payment services.

Why Choose Our Premium Payroll Services?


Yooma’s system is cloud-based, which means you can access payroll data anytime, anywhere.


Put your mind at ease with two-factor authentication and data encryption. We also enable you to maintain an audit trail for accountability and regularly backup data.

Instant Reminders

Never miss a tax filing deadline again with Yooma’s automated reminders.

Complete Control

Manage all aspects of your payroll process from a single platform while controlling who has access to what within your payroll system.

Faster Operations

Streamline payroll tasks by posting multiple entries for several employees at once. Upload your entire staff and their data in bulk for a quick start.


Customise your payroll runs and make employee exits smooth and simple. Personalise your employees’ salary components, making payslips more relevant and easily understood.

Multiple Payment Options

You can have the option of multiple payment methods, such as direct integration with banks and payment services, to reduce the risk of errors and simplify the process of paying employees.

Seamless Compliance

Stay updated, accurate, and aligned with evolving tax laws and employment standards – without the hassle.

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