Claims Administration

Our claims administration system offers end-to-end functionality to give you peace of mind throughout the whole process, which covers confirmation of cover and first notification of loss. It also provides you with reserve estimation management, mandated claims payments, and fast-tracks claims via the necessary approval channels and mandates.

How Yooma Life Insurance’s Claims Administration Works:

Our claims administration requires digital experience and can be triggered via various channels, such as self-help portals like the website or a mobile application, or via phone (call centre), email or fax, and coming soon: social media channels. 

Through the vast online capabilities and channels of Yooma Life Insurance’s claims administration, insurers can easily interact with clients and third parties – such as doctors or labs – for reports and validations.

The Benefits of Yooma Life Insurance’s Claims Administration:

At Yooma Life Insurance, our claims administration offers mandated payments with different authorisation levels and multiple float management options. You can also create and edit policy claims.  

  • Easy Submission. Customers can submit claims via their preferred channel, whether the website, the mobile application on their phone, your call centre, or via email.

  • Holistic View. Your customers can enjoy full access to the history of all previous claims, upload and download policy files and view the policy mandate if needed. 

  • End-To-End Functionality. Yooma Life Insurance’s claims administration manages everything from confirmation of cover and first notification of loss to reserve and estimate management, claims aggregate management, mandated claims payments with different authorisation levels, and multiple float management. 

  • Virtual Medical Examinations. Our claims administration integrates with third-party medical facilities to offer a convenient method of virtual medical examinations.

Explore Our Claims Administration Feature for Yourself