Corporate social investment

About iHub Africa

As an extension of the Hillsong Africa Foundation, iHub’s vision for the future is to provide access to opportunities that can nurture the potential of the next generation. iHub’s primary goal is to support those less fortunate by equipping them with the necessary job skills; cultivating strong young leaders with positive identities who can ultimately benefit the local and global digital economy.

The iHub initiative runs a three-phase multi-track programme that includes student support and personal development and mentorship; each phase involves 12 weeks of content for each of the three tracks:

  • Leadership and Identity: focuses on biblically-based values, Identity, self-mastery and principles of servant-leadership.
  • Digital Marketing Skills: focuses on broad-based digital fundamentals and specialised marketing skills training in either a creative or analytical stream.
  • Soft Skills for Business: focuses on equipping our participants with a broad range of skills, behavioural techniques and personal qualities to help them navigate any new work environments, work with team members and achieve the goals set out by their employers; some of these skills include self-management, communication skills, critical-thinking, decision-making and much more.

iHub offers graduates of the programme the opportunity to study further, launch themselves as freelancers and even provides potential recruitment by partner companies 

To learn more about how to sponsor a rider or a student, become a sponsor yourself, or become a part of our vision, check out iHub:

About Kidz Positive

Yooma is in partnership with Kidz Positive, who designed our unique Yooma mascot keyring. Kidz Positive supports 45 women who are caregivers for children with HIV/Aids. As an income-generating project, we are happy to have 100 Yooma mascot keyrings uniquely crafted by Kidz Positive to date.

Support these artists and shop their beautiful beaded products on the Kidz Positive online store:

About Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides nutritious meals and food security to South Africans living in poverty. The main goal of our country is a hunger-free one, in which every child and elderly person can go to bed with a full stomach.

Over 31 million meals have been served annually through countless efforts and generous donations from individuals and organizations. Through our Caregiver Service, Orphan Service, and Eco Garden Service, we have made a significant impact in South Africa. However, poverty hasn’t been buried yet. More assistance is needed now than ever before. Join us in making SA a hunger-free nation by taking that pledge.

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About Breadline Africa

Breadline Africa, one of the biggest suppliers of converted shipping containers for poverty relief in Southern Africa, has provided more than 920 containers to poverty-stricken communities since its establishment in 1993. The South African based non-profit organisation believes that every child has the capacity to do something amazing with his or her life. When a child’s imagination is unlocked, possibilities are opened up, allowing them to choose a path for their own future.  Breadline Africa enables this journey by providing initiatives and infrastructure to support childhood development in Southern Africa. The renovated containers and prefabricated units are used as early childhood development centres (pre-schools), feeding kitchens, toilet blocks and primary school libraries. 

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About Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative

Phila Sonke Wellness Initiative is an organisation that gives survivors of traumatic events, resulting in disability or impairment, the services and facilities to aid rehabilitation both mentally and physically.

The NPO funds public-private healthcare partnerships that promote a healthy lifestyle and helps patients overcome hardships which ultimately change, not only the lives of the individual but of the communities they reside in.

To learn more about how to get involved, check them out below.

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