According to BusinessTech (2019), isiZulu, is the most widely spoken language outside the household sitting at 25.1% of South Africa’s population; English closely follows this at 16.6 and Afrikaans at 9.7%.

In response to the growing need for multilingual service platforms, Yooma HR recently launched the addition of Zulu and Afrikaans translations for their human capital management platform. 

The new languages will allow even more South African end-users to take advantage of Yooma’s cloud-based HR software and enjoy leave management, document management and reporting in their preferred language. 

This announcement comes just in time for the peak business season when many companies look to hire new staff.

“Certain industries like mining or the automotive tend to employ staff who have a low ability to speak English, which is, usually, the primary language for most HR management software,” says Johann Struwig, Managing Director of Yooma HR, from his offices in Johannesburg.

Yooma’s goal is to offer HR managers and CEO’s the opportunity to create an employee experience that caters to their preferred language. 

Managing employee files and records can be daunting for companies with employees from different linguistic backgrounds; this is especially true if those companies only have access to limited resources when it comes to translation services. 

Yooma HR’s multilingual platform eliminates that challenge by providing translations in three of the most commonly spoken languages in South Africa. 

With this new launch, Yooma HR continues its commitment to providing human capital management solutions accessible to all businesses in South Africa. 

“We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to manage their employees, regardless of language barriers,” said Yooma’s Founding Developer, Hans Lombard.

Lombard added that the company plans to add more African languages to the platform soon due to the overwhelmingly positive response from customers.

“In light of the positive responses we received, Yooma HR is going to introduce more South African languages as well as broader African and European languages onto the platform in the future,” confirms Johann Struwig, Managing Director of Yooma HR. “It is imperative for local tech companies to support native language availability for their platforms.”

To remain competitive with other companies in the HR industry, Yooma HR provides far more than just multilingual language availability; they also offer several benefits to their clientele: first and foremost, Yooma HR is affordable regardless of the operation size and scale, so small businesses can also reap the benefits of premium corporate software.


Yooma HR helps you manage your staff’s HR documentation, like contracts and payslips, in one cloud-based platform. Leave management becomes a dream with reporting and automated leave management, ensuring you never miss a leave application. Team engagement channels help businesses communicate with all staff seamlessly. 

The easy-to-use platform also offers auto-backup functionality to prevent the loss of company data in the event of an incident.

Security breaches will also become a distant memory when you integrate with Yooma HR. The platform monitors strict user access control, and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is available for user setup with additional security and peace of mind.

Yooma HR remains committed to making life easier for businesses in South Africa and believes that this latest development will go a long way towards achieving that goal. 

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