API Integration

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Yooma HR’s API Integration offers seamless connectivity with new and existing technologies for your business, enabling organisational scalability and enhancing data sharing between various applications and systems. 

The Importance of API Integration

API Integration is crucial for businesses operating in today’s digital landscape. API Integration can automate tedious tasks, support your business’s journey to digital transformation, improve customer experience, and boost employee productivity.

The Benefits of Yooma HR’s API Integration

With Yooma HR’s API Integration functionality, there’s no need to stop using other tools. With payroll systems coming soon, you can integrate with familiar systems specialising in time management and performance and learning management. 


  • Seamless Compatibility. Yooma HR’s API Integration makes it easy for you – as the employee, manager, or app developer – to integrate with other platforms without worrying about cross-platform compatibility problems. 


  • Robust API Economy. Yooma HR utilises a microservices-based architecture upheld by granular, domain-specific APIs and a powerful orchestration gateway that enables users to access all capabilities of Yooma’s innovative platform. 


  • Smart Use of Resources. Imagine that your technology could work together with other systems to optimise the use of your business’s resources, saving you time and money while providing an excellent user experience for employees and employers. That is what Yooma’s API Integration offers for you and your team to enjoy. 


  • Secure. Cloud-based systems require API Integration, and consequently, security must be upheld. Yooma is committed to practising the most rigorous security and availability procedures; we allow strict access control of Yooma HR’s system and the existing features and information types. 


  • User-Friendly. Yooma’s API Integration enables users to access previously unattainable functionality without deep nesting or repeated coding efforts, which are both expensive and risky when your team lacks expertise.  


  • Continuous Innovation. Yooma HR provides flexible options to ensure that our applications are always up-to-date. Our continuous integration and deployment pipelines use contemporary techniques for building processes which have helped us achieve high success rates in delivering quality services on time.

Ready to harness Yooma HR’s API Integration For Your Business?

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API Integration

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